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Women Business Owners – The Secrets for Attaining Success in Life!

April 10, 2015

The motivation to write the “The Art of Feminine Power”; springs from the book ‘Princessa’ authored by Harriet Rubin (original author was Machiavelli’s Prince who wrote book in 1512). It was written with a view of presenting its core value with its relevance in the present scenario, by exploring terms, ideas and the spirit incorporated in it.

The writer has true to used the ideas coming from the ‘Prince’ and the “Princessa” and has elaborated in the strategies which can be called the secrets. It is necessary to note here that though any one can follow the recipe to prepare the dish, but the real accomplishment is in following all the secrets steps in order to enjoy a relishing feast.

The lessons are especially designed for those who are contended, secure and happy with the circumstances but want to take hold of their own lives. It is specially designed to help building Women Business Owners. It might happen that the people around the person not understand the reason for it; but still the person want to strive for overcoming the troubles coming in the way. The person might also appear selfish to some, yet the intention is of attaining what the person desires.

The book, The Art of Feminine Power, is designed as a workbook which provides the opportunities to ponder at times to search for the answers for Self Development. In order to avail the best from the book, its ideas should be written in the note book. Though some questions might appear as arousing doubts, suspicion or apprehensions; which would will vanish by proceeding further.



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