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Coaching and Mentoring- Giving Guidance to The People For Growth And Development!

July 16, 2015

We all are aware about the significance of Coaching and Mentoring in our lives and how it can bring a marked change in our lives, making them fuller and better. While coaching is more oriented towards task completion, mentoring stresses on relationships. Whenever there is any need to focus on the concrete issues, like effective and efficient management, speaking in an articulate manner, learning to think in a strategic manner and more, coaching proves to be helpful. Coaches work relentlessly with people to help them steer towards achievement of goals. They break down the tasks in a simple manner that helps people to accomplish every step in a smooth manner and derive pleasure when the goals are achieved.

On the other hand, mentoring is basically used when there are over bearing personal and professional issues that are plaguing a person. By providing a totally safe and secure environment, the mentors ensure that the person addresses these issues and work with them to analyze the same and find proper solutions. Once these issues are resolve, the person feels lighter and is more capable of addressing the issues faced by him so that he can turn them into opportunities and work towards success in the life. While coaching is required just for a few sessions, mentoring is something that can go on for a life long time, depending on the need. The idea is to make sure about the person’s confidence in his abilities and his journey towards success in the life.

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